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Brace Lake Fishing & Hunting Information


Brace Lake Outfitters is located within the Albany Watershed which is the eastern boundary of the Arctic Watershed where all water flows into James Bay or Hudson Bay and eventually into the Arctic Ocean.

Brace Lake stands out as a prime Walleye fishing destination. With non-stop action and diverse sizes, from 16-inchers to trophies over 30 inches, it offers an exceptional experience. The lake's pristine conditions result in delicious, pure white meat, setting it apart from other Walleye locations.

On an average day, guests can expect to catch 60 to 80 Walleyes per person, with occasional exceptional days throughout the week. Brace Lake's structure, including weedy bays and rocky points, provides an ideal habitat for Walleyes. The lake is a constant supplier of fresh water and food due to its Albany Watershed tributary, making it a top choice for Walleye enthusiasts.

Maintaining its reputation, Brace Lake encourages responsible fishing practices. Most Walleyes, especially those 18 inches or larger, are actively released by guests. A camp policy ensures the release of all Walleye 24 inches or bigger, contributing to the lake's continued fantastic fishing reputation.


Brace Lake, a top-tier pike destination, consistently yields trophy-sized catches, providing an unforgettable experience for anglers. These toothy predators, notorious for testing gear and tearing through bait, make each successful catch a lasting memory. It's not merely a lake where you might snag a trophy northern; it's practically guaranteed.

Guests at Brace Lake experience a remarkable fishing season, releasing over 200 northerns exceeding 40 inches annually. The lake's manageable size eliminates extensive travel, offering convenient access to numerous hotspots near the lodge. Brace Lake Outfitters' commitment to conservation plays a crucial role, with a strong emphasis on catch-and-release practices contributing to a growing population of trophy pike.

Targeting northern pike can yield 30 to 60 catches in a day, including a couple in the 7 to 10-pound range and occasionally monster northerns pushing 50 inches. Brace Lake is the ultimate destination for avid northern pike enthusiasts.

Northern Pike

The lakes north of Nakina have always been well known for producing good numbers of Northern Pike as well as trophies.


Most fisherpersons would never think that a remote fly-in lake in the far north of Ontario's vast wilderness would produce some of the best Perch fishing imaginable.

Located in the prime fishing region north of Nakina, Brace Lake boasts some of the world's best Walleye and Pike fishing. The Perch, facing constant predation from the formidable Walleyes and Pike, tend to be predictably located. They often inhabit areas with rocky points, narrows between islands, or river-mouths with minnow migrations. Weedy spots in these areas become havens for massive Perch populations, as they share the habitat with Walleyes but prefer staying close to weed cover.

For anglers aiming to maximize their catch, transitioning from Walleye to Perch fishing is a strategic move. Prime Walleye fishing until 11:00 am is suggested, taking advantage of the mid-afternoon Walleye slow-down to shift focus to Perch. Some guests have reported remarkable success, catching up to 100 Perch in a single afternoon. It's wise to have a second Pike rod ready, equipped with a weedless spoon or spinnerbait, as the continuous Perch action may attract the attention of sizable Northern Pike.


Sit back, relax, and fish. Let us do the rest! Show up with your clothes and rod and we will take care of the rest, or you are more than welcome to use our equipment. If you are a beginner or first timer, no problem, enroll in our fly fishing lessons for any level!


Treat yourself to a fully guided Fly Fishing Experience with one of our experienced guides

Black Bear

In the heart of Ontario's expansive wilderness, discover the unexpected thrill of an adrenaline-pumping Black Bear hunt, where pristine landscapes and responsible harvesting create the perfect environment for a trophy experience.

For those with a keen interest in Black Bear hunting, we have the perfect destination tailored to your passion. Our commitment to responsible harvesting ensures that we limit the number of bears taken, preserving a robust population of trophies for years to come. Picture this: a 600lb trophy bear has been successfully harvested, exemplifying the thrilling possibilities that await in this pristine hunting environment. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping hunt of a lifetime!


We extend a unique opportunity for you to experience the thrill of hunting these magnificent animals. Choose between our Guided and Semi-Guided packages, where we take care of all the baiting, and tree stands are readily available. Whether you prefer the guidance of our experts or a semi-guided adventure, the prospect of encountering formidable Black Bears in their natural habitat awaits, promising an unforgettable hunting experience.

Join Brace Lake Outfitters for an expertly guided Moose Hunt, offering the chance to return with your prized trophy. Our guided archery hunts ensure a 100% opportunity rate, providing tree stands, experienced guides, and access to premium moose territory.


Experience the excitement of our fully guided archery hunts, boasting an impressive 100% success rate. If a more rustic adventure appeals to you, consider our outpost camp in Area WMU 17, perfect for groups of at least 4.


For inquiries about Moose Hunt availability and pricing, please reach out to us.


Embark on an unforgettable moose hunt, where the thrill of the chase and the majesty of nature converge for a once-in-a-lifetime trophy experience.

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