Walleye Fishing

Brace Lake Outfitters is located within the Albany Watershed which is the eastern boundary of the Arctic Watershed where all water flows into James Bay or Hudson Bay and eventually into the Arctic Ocean.

This area has long been known as the supreme MECCA for Walleye fishing. No other lakes in the world have better Walleye fishing than the lakes north of Nakina and Brace Lake is one of the very best. Once you experience the non-stop Walleye action, the average size of the Walleyes and the availability of big trophies over 10 pounds, you will be a believer. Not only will you catch more Walleyes than you can believe is possible, the Walleyes in the lakes north of Nakina are the best tasting anywhere. Because of minerals in the water such as iron and mica, the Walleyes have pure white meat and cook up fluffy and firm with a taste that is dreamy. Walleyes on the Great Lakes or larger inland Lakes farther south do not compare. The Walleyes in these big lakes often have translucent meat and can often taste fishy because their primary food is Smelt and Shad. Lack of nutrients in the water causes their meat to be mushy when cooked. This is the beginning of the list of reasons why Nakina is the top Walleye fishing destination in Canada.

When you fish for Walleye on Brace Lake you will experience non-stop action on most days. The beautiful aspect of Brace Lake is the Walleyes all come in different sizes from nice eating 16-inchers to trophies over 30 inches. In you fish hard and specifically target Walleye you can catch 100 Walleyes in a day. We have had many guests tell us that they have. Walleye feeding habits are affected by environmental conditions so not all days are fantastic days by Nakina standards. The worst day of Walleye fishing you will ever have on Brace Lake is still many times better than many other places where Walleye are found. On an average day guests can expect to catch 60 to 80 Walleyes per person. Throughout the week you will experience days that are much better.

Walleyes average around 2 pounds, which is 17 to 18 inches. You will catch many in the 15 to 17-inch range, which are the perfect eating size. Throughout the day you should catch lots of 4-pounders and even a couple in the 5 to 6-pound range. These are the most common sizes you will come across. There are Monster Trophy Walleyes in the lake. In the early spring the big Walleyes in the 7 to 10 pound range do get caught by guests right in the traditional hot spots. The Walleyes over 7 pounds are almost always female and as the weather gets warmer the big females tend to take off into deeper water during the day. They come shallow in the evening and stay shallow all night and go deep in the morning again. Fishing in the traditional hotspots will produce trophies early in the morning or in the evening right at dust in the heat of the summer.

The reason why Brace Lake has such unusually fantastic Walleye fishing is because it's the drainage basin for an Albany Watershed tributary and is constantly supplied with fresh water and food. As a result it has become the main spawning area for Walleyes, including mass amounts of Walleye that migrate out of Meta Lake, which is attached to Brace Lake by a channel. The structure of the lake is also perfect for Walleyes. You have weedy bays, rocky points, sandbars topped with Wild Rice that slide off into deep holes and rocky shoals. All conditions that you can possible think of to make a perfect Walleye lake is possessed by Brace Lake.

Our guests greatly value the fantastic fishing of Brace Lake and actively release almost all Walleyes, especially ones that are 18 inches or larger. This is another reason why Brace Lake has remained one of the top Walleye Lakes in Ontario. We do have a camp policy that all Walleye 24 inches or bigger must be released.